Harvestella im Test (Switch)

Harvestella im Test (Switch) ...

If a meteor had not exploded directly from the sky, you would have assumed a life as a farmer with a dog and a family until retirement. The crew – an injured girl wearing futuristic armor – moves in with you. And who knows what you will discover...

At Harvest's Die Dungeons have surprisingly little material to collect, but they're long enough to explore and there'll be many game days later. If you don't take the time to pay attention, you'll quickly end up with the doctor, and you'll lose time and money. This is why blind rushing is absolutely not the way to go.

At home, things get much more peaceful: you take care of your fields and livestock every day, sell the harvest and commission farm improvements. As a guide, you have extensive NPC quest lines in the various cities.

Although At Harvest was developed exclusively for the switch, the developers have saved themselves a lot of money on the hardware: The resolution is minimal, animations are weak, and sometimes the frame rate drops dramatically despite relatively simple graphics: This is particularly noticeable with the characters: Because not only are emotions absent, but the models also appear faded even in TV mode: This makes the different areas feel more atmospheric.

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