Cinnamon Recap and Review of Freeridge Season 1 Episode 3

Cinnamon Recap and Review of Freeridge Season 1 Episode 3 ...

What is the box?

The group at Freeridge's third episode begins with a sense of wonder whether or not to keep the box as a weapon.

Gloria suggests they go to a bruja named Cinnamon, saying that Tonio had this idea years ago, but she hasn't replied. Rusty knocks on the door, making them all scream. Tonio states that he'll pay Rusty what they owe Tonio. Gloria refuses to let him give them a ride to school.

Demi mentions Cinnamon likes a lot of the same bands she does and tells her to get the box while walking.

Demi tries to confide in Cam about the box, but he isn't ready to talk about their situation yet. Instead, Ines tries to persuade Demi with this information and gets her to ask Rusty a bunch of questions, such as, is he single and willing to mingle? Rusty then gives Gloria a lucky pen she left at home, and she reluctantly accepts it. She then tells Demi that Cinnamon will take them on a

Demi, who is stressed, tells Cam she hasn't received the box. He thinks he remembers her holding it as they left the house, but turns out, it was a wheat thins box. She says she wants to lighten Gloria's load and prove to her that she's accountable.

Gloria's to-do list is shown at home by Rusty and she receives his colour-coded bullet journal. They share a hobby but then Rusty sends her his invoice, as directed by Tonio, which sets Gloria off again. He proposes to take her and the others to the punk show, but she refuses.

Delvina, Demi's sister, and her boyfriend end their relationship, bringing Demi's relief. At the last moment, Delvina changes her mind and the plan is restored. At the punk show, they bump into Tonio, who is selling beers to underage children.

Demi apologizes for planning all of this and tells Gloria to get the box out. After wrapping layer after layer off a package, Demi discovers a box of Wheat Thins. Gloria reveals that Demi forgot the box at her house that night and she and Ines were messing with her the rest of the time. Cam replies that Demi doesn't react to situations anymore.

Cinnamon greets them inside the house but Gloria returns to pee. She tells her that one sister will be the victim of the other.

Demi's anger bursts out and she and Gloria get into a physical fight. Rusty is there and tries to break it up, but the crowd recognizes him as Trusty Rusty from a famous kid's song. He sings his iconic song and everyone joins him in the end. The box is thrown in the air and breaks when it falls down.

Rusty drives them all home, telling Gloria that the program's income didn't last, and that he's working for Tonio, because he wants to take care of his grandmother.

Gloria and Demi apologize on the phone and make up. Demi cleans up the box and discovers a hidden compartment in it. There, she discovers a torn invitation addressed to Marisola, written by someone named Mariluna.

This was a fantastic episode. The longer I watch it, the more I like the quick dialogue and the crisp editing. Conversations tend to cover many storylines at the same time without feeling disorientated or confusing. The fast pace is really enhancing the show and bringing out its best.

The fight between Gloria and Demi was enjoyable and brief enough to be enjoyable. It's clear that both have flaws, and the message that sometimes you just need to let your anger go is a nice one. Rusty gets more endearing by the episode, which is a pleasant surprise since I didn't expect him to stay around.

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