Cake Recap and Review of Freeridge Season 1 Episode 2

Cake Recap and Review of Freeridge Season 1 Episode 2 ...

Who Will Make the News?

As part of Freeridge's episode 2, the group tries to come up with a strategy. Demi suggests approaching a bruja who's well-known on TikTok, but Gloria dismisses it. She then tells them to get some sleep and work on a strategy. Later, she and Ines discover that their dad, Javier, doesn't know about him.

The girls try to assist Javier with every little detail that explains his confusion in the morning. They end up leaving it up to Tonio to relay the news.

Demi complains to Cam about Gloria's ability to interpret ghost stories and spirits. Just then, Andre shows up and Cam pretends to leave. He also mentions that there was someone before Andre who Cam was left hurt and unable to trust. Demi is surprised since she doesn't know who that person is.

Demi states that she must self-advocate if she wants Gloria to empower her. Gloria and Ines discuss who should inform Javier about his cancer while Demi thinks she's being the one to tell their dad.

Demi reveals what she doesn't know about Cam when Gloria calls and refuses to reply to the news of the funeral.

Gloria is surprised to find another guy in their house. Rusty, a student from their school who Tonio has hired to do odd jobs. Once, while Gloria was on the verge of breaking the bent arm hang record in school, he threw a volleyball that ended up knocking her down.

Demi and Cam confront Ruben and Geny outside the woman's house. They tell her the old woman was Ruben's mother, Marisol.

Gloria tells Tonio that Rusty isn't caring enough to be the one to tell their father. Ines is more interested in allowing Gloria to take leadership. Gloria is more than happy to grant her permission to return the box to the ghost, as does Demi.

Demi arranges for the group to go through a pre-leave out ceremony so she can find the box. Just as Cam is about to reveal something about his past as part of the ceremony, Javier returns and the group scatters.

Gloria tries to give her father the bad news but gets up to get a glass of water. Tonio, Rusty, and Ines prepare a cake for Javier, causing Gloria to get emotional. He expresses his deepest sympathies for Gloria and all her worries. Javier becomes involved.

Javier tells them while eating the cake that he's been aware of it for a month. The cancer is slow growing and non-invasive, which means he's likely to recover.

Gloria calls and informs her that her cancer isn't deadly. Despite all she does, Demi loves her. Cam says she sometimes feels emotional and jealous about others knowing Cam better than she does. He asks her who scarred him in the past. She replies "Yes."

Gloria is ecstatic and goes to sleep, but clouds are overhead as she sees a message on her window: "I want my box bitch."

The second episode doesn't much detail the curse, but it certainly highlights these characters in a different light. Cam's darker horse than she was aware of, Demi feels the need to be acknowledged, and Gloria's desire for control and precision crosses over into a need for control and precision. But what's even nicer to watch is how everything all plays out and it's not always what you anticipate.

Cam is able to establish a boundary with Demi about what she knows and what she doesn't. Fingers crossed this relationship continues to flourish. Gloria and Demi would have a slap in the face when it comes to controlling them.

Gloria and Ines' dad is by far the most noticeable thing. Surrounded by individuals with strange habits and limitations, he seems a bit normal and therefore, one-dimensional. However, time will reveal more about him.

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