The World Dai Star Anime Has An Early Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

The World Dai Star Anime Has An Early Release Date And Everything You Need To Know ...

The main plot, voice cast, and release date for the anime have all been made public.

The Dai Star series that inspired 20th-century otakus has become household names throughout the world. The world Dai Star initiative is also promoting its various activities through a new website and a Twitter feed. Many fans on the anime subreddit have praised the show's outstanding performances.

World Dai Star Anime: A New Release Date Has Been Set For Early Release

World Dai Star Anime has a new key picture and video. The main actors and crew are now getting a release date. In the summer of 2019, World Dai Star will debut a mobile game. Moreover, the anime adaptation is just the beginning of what this project will be able to deliver.

Yuu Kinome is the show's director. Yasuhiro Nakanishi is the project's musical director. Majiro will direct the animation. Kokono Otori, the main character, will be voiced by Manaki Iwami. Sally Amaki will voice Shizuka, and Ikumi Hasegawa will voice Kathrina Griebel.

What Will The About Be About?

The outstanding actors known as "Dai Star" in WDS' fictional universe push the world of theatre to new heights. However, she makes the first attempt to appoint a young lady of sixteen to the World Dai Star stage. These are the driving forces of the narrative. However, let's hope she becomes a major success and a Dai Star in the new year.

Release Date for World Dai Star Anime

The world Dai Star anime's voice cast will gather for a special preview show on February 26, 2023, on the BLUE stage at AnimeJapan. Members of the anime's voice cast will also be there. On April 2, 2023, Nanafuji's manga adaptation will debut on Kadokawa's Comic Alive+ manga website.

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