Billy B Reacts to Lola Brooke For She Is Not Bringing Her Out For Dont Play With ItPerformances

Billy B Reacts to Lola Brooke For She Is Not Bringing Her Out For Dont Play With ItPerformances ...

During Lil' Kim's Harlem Culture Festival performance at The Apollo, Brooke performed her famous song, "Don't Play With It," with Billy B. Many people wondered where she was, prompting the Brooklynite to express her displeasure on TikTok: "You wake up to another 'DPWI' performance with no Billy B."

Monàe Rodriguez, the newly signed artist's best friend, took to Facebook to express the apparent displeasure. She claimed that 'DPWI' is Lola's song, and if Billy had an issue, she should talk to Brooke, not on the internet.


On Sunday (January 29), the "BREAK" emcee wrote a lengthy statement on Lola's performance, claiming that it wasn't the first time she performed the song without her. She then agreed with Brooke's best friend, saying that singing her song is appropriate.

"Apollo isn't the first or second or third event that I wasn't invited to or even told about prior to," B said. "I never felt dissatisfied with any performances in town or outta town because, as I've said in many interviews, 'DPWI' is Lola's best record, even if the original song is featuring me."

"So if she is booked for ANYTHING, I have nothing to do with that because we are two individual artists." Now morally if she performs in New York City, people will expect to see me because we're both from here and we've performed it together many times before the major breakthrough."

She began to describe the things that fans "never know" about. Lola's band would contact her if she wanted her to join her, and Billy would be "snubbed." B then denied that it was "Lola's personal doing."

"Promoters have reached out to my team claiming that they had asked for my contact to book me, and that's not Lola's personal doing," says the author, who did everything on the arm with no hesitation or hesitation. BECAUSE THIS WAS GONNA BE A GREATLOOK FOR THE TOWNS!

"Ppl keep saying "why didn't I just call her?" but not understanding IM NOT THE ONE IN THE WRONG. I understand the confusion but there's a lot going on behind the scenes. I wish her continued success like I've always had, BUT IM VERY DISAPPOINTED with how she handled me.

DJ Self asked Billy B about the ongoing feud between the two Brooklyn rappers on Wednesday (February 1), and she revealed she recently saw Brooke. However, neither of them spoke to one another.

Billy replied to a stunned DJ Self, who replied, "Why would there not be a conversation?" The "Bachata" rapper then interrupted the host and said, "Listen man, I don't know."

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