DJ Mustard Will Pay Ex-Wife $18K A Month In Child Support

DJ Mustard Will Pay Ex-Wife $18K A Month In Child Support ...

According to Radar Online, DJ Mustard will pay his ex-partner roughly $18,342 per month starting in February.

The estranged couple agreed to a significantly lower amount of child support and presented it to the court on Tuesday (Jan. 31).

Mustard and his ex-wife, Chanel Thierry, have also agreed to joint custody for their three children, Kiylan, Kauner, and Kody. However, the former wife's fight for the once-requested $80,000 (approximately $82,628) is still being pursued.

Chanel claimed that her attorneys calculated Mustard's adjusted gross income at the end of a forensic examination.

According to their pre-marital agreement, Thierry will receive $35,000 monthly in spousal support, and Mustard is expected to "true his support payments beginning June 1, 2022."

The estranged spouse claims that dealing with Dijon Isaiah McFarlane became "increasingly difficult." She said that co-parenting is becoming a challenge because "Mustard does not communicate or answer her text messages."

Mustard also filed a slew of petitions with the court. McFarlane requested that the ex-couple "reserve jurisdiction over all other subject matter issues related to the marriage," including but not limited to, child custody and visitation, spousal support, division of community property assets and liabilities, reimbursement claims, and attorney and expert fees and costs, as well as all other matters that the Court considers appropriate and within the jurisdiction."

Radar Online reports that the Grammy award-winning producer filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife's allegations. He refutes the claim that he "starved her out financially" and has done his job as a father in the separation.

"Chanel's claim that I have starved her financially since her separation is a complete lie," Mustard said. "From the time Chanel and I separated in May 2022, I continued to support her and the children, including all of her credit card expenses."

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