Review of Season 1 of Make My Day Great characters overshadow dull animation

Review of Season 1 of Make My Day Great characters overshadow dull animation ...

Make My Day Season 1 review on Netflix has no spoilers.

Animation has an inherent advantage: It can do things that live-action simply cannot, and for a fraction of the cost. What it might lack in actorly human nuance it more than makes up for in scale and imagination, and while Netflix might have shut down their own animation division, the streaming giant continues to commission animated projects through third-party studios proves it isn't giving up on the medium anytime soon.

Season 1 of Make My Day: A Review and a Narrative

Make My Day is an adult-skewing sci-fi anime that has more in common with The Thing than anything aimed at kids, including a cold, alien setting and a cast of extremelylikable characters. At first, I was irritated.

Make My Day isn't a visual thing at all. The characters are subdued. The settings are sparse. The creature textures are subtle, with an orange hue, making them stand out from the frigid backdrop but also feel somewhat detached from it (which they inevitably do).

When I realized how invested I had become in Jim, a young aspiring artist working as a prison guard on the harsh planet of Coldfoot, where inmates are being exploited to mine a precious ore named Sig, I think I realized how much I cared about the other individuals he encounters on his journey off the planet, which has been overrun by dangerous alien bugs.

Is Making My Day a Success?

The characters here have a strong sense of earnestness that is immensely satisfying. Jim is a fantastic leader, gaining confidence in his newfound freedom. But what matters most is what's going on in the moment.

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