Alfred Turns Into a Shockingly Heartfelt Fire Emblem Engage Character

Alfred Turns Into a Shockingly Heartfelt Fire Emblem Engage Character ...

Alfred is one of the first characters you meet in Fire Emblem Engage, and, at the time I saw him, I was surprised! He appeared to be quite a lot of fun, although he seemed overly enthused in terms of activities and relationships. However, I only realized how good Alfred is after finishing certain Fire Emblem Engage support conversations.

Intelligent Systems is attempting to establish how important Alfred is in Fire Emblem Engage. Even when things go wrong, or when the truth about the Fell Dragon Sombron and his children comes out, he never hesitates. The developers make a concentrated effort to demonstrate how Alfred is always hustling. Other Fire Emblem Engage characters can discuss diplomacy and future plans.

It hits you if you watch Alfred and Celine's Fire Emblem Engage Support conversation or listen to Fogado's conversations. He's still fighting for his family, his kingdom, and the world.

Intelligent Systems might have left us with those crumbs and left us wondering if he'll be fine once the conflict is over and he can recover and relax. When Alfred dies, he gets the gut punch. Young. Even though he achieves his goals, he doesn't really have time to enjoy them. The only way to "save" Alfred in Fire Emblem Engage and get him a happier end is to have Alear develop an S-Rank relationship with him.

Alfred would be constantly training in order to keep him fit and healthy. Yes, he would be willing to go out of his way often to help Alear's life better or spend time with people, because he wants to make good impressions and memories. He's doing what he can to make a difference.

I think the revelation would be especially shocking if you weren't paying attention to the amount of characters there are in Fire Emblem Engage. The idea of him being sick when he was young isn't thrust in people's faces, though, so I assumed he fully recovered. It just hit me, and I didn't anticipate it.

Alfred isn't just a short story, but a lot more. People will only know this if they know him correctly. If they do, they'll get that foreshadowing and further insight into his personality. They'll know more about what drives him to be who he is. And, if they go through Fire Emblem Engage a second time, they might begin looking for clues that might help with his condition and story arc sooner.

The Nintendo Switch now has Fire Emblem Engage.

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