Rumble Roses im Klassik-Test (PS2)

Rumble Roses im Klassik-Test (PS2) ...

Now is the time to give WWE men a break for the 'weaker' sex: Konami joins the Yuke's SmackDown!developers and sends the stunning Amazons of the Rumble Roses in den Ring.

Eleven fighters with a good 'face' or bad 'heel' attitude are ready, the range from a strict teacher and Texas cowgirl to a mysterious ninja woman or pop starlet. Diligent fighters unlock opposite alter egos for all girls, who not only have their own movements and an invasion sequence.

In the story mode with a mostly bizarre background story, you take on a series of matches to finally face off against the mysterious cyborg creation 'Lady X.' The latter scenario puts you in a mud-filled pool where two bikini-clad squabblers are wreaking havoc.

In a normal duel, there are no other match variations, such as tag teams: Only outside the ring you may grab a baseball bat or tickle hand if you desire – depending on the direction and position pressed, spectacular throws or submission grips emerge from the latter, which you specifically weaken body regions of the opponent.

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