The Epic Games Store will release a free game on February 9, 2023

The Epic Games Store will release a free game on February 9, 2023 ...

Recipe for Disaster was announced as a free game on the PC'sEpic Games Store next week. From the 9th of February, 2023, you may download it for free.

Recipe for Disaster is a management game in which players are required to take over the management of a restaurant in an effort to make it successful. We should manage both the kitchen and the dining area, customize the menu according to customer needs, and take care of all aspects of the competitive restaurant business, being fully aware that the line between a successful establishment and a disaster is narrower than it appears.

Starting on February 9th, you may download Recipe for Disaster from this address. Below you will find the official description.

Disaster Remedy

"Recipe for Disaster is a management game that challenges you to develop and run a successful restaurant." Whether it's changing the tide of sabotaging establishments in predefined scenarios or bringing your vision to life in the free play mode, you'll need to develop and prepare delectable new dishes that will leave your customers speechless.

“Finding your way in the fast-paced, tense world of restaurant business is nothing short of a miracle. Serious character flaws and a severe lack of skills in your team might disrupt the flow of service, while your impulsiveness and particular tastes may impede your chances of a favorable review score.

“Your restaurant will flourish, opening up to new opportunities and challenges as you draw more customers, health inspectors, and food critics through your front door.”

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