Electric cars: Lampposts are charged. Why is this?

Electric cars: Lampposts are charged. Why is this? ...

The electric revolution has a lot to say about car charging. After all, having a 100% electric car means having the ability to charge your electric vehicle at home or at work.

If you do not, how do you get it? Do you use the public charging network, which, in addition to being complicated, is excessively costly? No! It is necessary to reduce the number of charging cables that are being thrown out of the window, as you have certainly seen in many cities or towns.

75% of Lisbon residents do not have a way to charge their electric automobiles. In addition, it is important to find a substitute for those who have a PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid) car that is capable of doing a lot of kilometers entirely electric, but that, of course, is charging more slowly, and therefore have been discarded from the public charging network.

What's the solution? It might as well be to charge street lamps with a charge. The intention is that every owner of an electric vehicle will be able to charge it whenever and wherever they need it.

In case you weren't aware, the majority of lamp posts are hollow inside. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to construct a new type of charger, more compact, even with less power.

Instead of connecting these new posts to the Mobi.E network, it might be possible to create a city council-owned network. Something that would certainly be more advantageous for various types of users, while keeping the higher power network for those who really need it, and of course, making this alternative more accessible to the consumer.

It's possible that at certain times, it's more convenient to have this type of post around! Since charging at home always involves "bills" with the bi-hourly and tri-hourly tariffs, as well as the installation of a WallBox.

The Municipality of Lisbon is already studying this solution, and of course, there are already partnerships interested in joining the project! As with Galp.

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