Any news about Zelda for Switch coming soon at Nintendo Direct 2023?

Any news about Zelda for Switch coming soon at Nintendo Direct 2023? ...

This month is particularly exciting for Switch owners since the company is usually clear about new games for the switch in February! This has always been the case in recent years, with the exception of 2020, when the new coronavirus epidemic also upset some Nintendo plans. This year, however, further clues have surfaced that a Nintendo show might be in the works in the coming weeks.

When will Nintendo release the next Direct?

Why is there currently no Nintendo announcement? It's because the Japanese usually announce their Switch shows only a day or two before they air. According to current speculation, the next big Direct is already scheduled for next week, so an official announcement can be expected early next week. At least in the event that the assumptions are correct.

The next Nintendo Direct should take place in the near future.

A well-known online forum user submitted alleged evidence of a Nintendo Direct on February 7, 2023 (Tuesday) will bring exciting news about a number of switch games, like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Which Switch games are shown in Direct from Nintendo?

According to anonymous leakers, no new Nintendo hardware will be shown during the Nintendo Direct. So no Switch (buy now €339.00) 2 and no Switch Pro – even if the former is getting closer and the latter is still desired by Nintendo fans.

PC games lovers are also a fan of this game.

This week, thanks to a major sale in the eShop, there are yet more Nintendo Switch discounts.

Nintendo fans have wanted a classic Zelda Edition on the Nintendo Switch for years. Now the fan dream might come true.

Fans of Switch may be familiar with these new updates.

The Nintendo Switch's future games are still very ambiguous, including the Metroid Prime Trilogy, which has been suspected for years, and a new Donkey Kong game. Both were previously announced.

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