Showcase, Framerates, and War Games in WWE 2K23

Showcase, Framerates, and War Games in WWE 2K23 ...

After WWE 2K20 became a total technical failure, Take Two promised to improve the game, and screwed an additional year on WWE 2K22, which should serve as a quasi-reboot of the series. With new controls, numerous details and the re-implementation of the GM mode long awaited by fans, the foundation is reasonably stable again with WWE 2K23. The main match between the two teams is usually held in rings enclosed by a cage.

Brawl by numbers in the showcase mode

Firstly, let's talk about John Cena's career as a wrestler. It is not about his greatest accomplishments, but rather his autumn defeats.

PC game enthusiasts are also a fan of the genre.

WWE 2K23 is finally revealed — the release date is nearing!

WWE 2K23 has been officially unveiled by 2K Games! Here are the first trailer and the first details about the upcoming wrestling game!

Inculinati: A sinister medieval strategy with a variety of conflicts

Inkulinati, a multi-million-dollar turn-based strategy spectacle from Yaza Games and Daedalic Entertainment, will be available from January 31, 2023.

We don't even play Cena himself, but always his respective opponents, according to the previous mode, which includes a few bars about the ECW One Night Stand event, his opponent Rob Van Dam, its significance, and the special location. Then, as soon as the ring bell rings, we must execute certain actions in order for the story to continue.

The idea of changing your character from match to match is an interesting topic in itself, and at least in our little playthrough session, only a few tasks required performing a specific move that we had to look up in the menu beforehand. Anyone who has studied basic controls should know roughly what to do.

The mode in the end is a nice historical lesson, similar to the predecessor, but it intentionally does not allow much playful freedom.

May the war games begin.

On the other hand, the new War Games match type feels fresher. Here two teams compete against each other in a cage match. Our version involved 3vs3 matches in a cage that was open at the top. 4vs4 matches should also be possible.

After a countdown has expired, opponents are added in turn until all participants are in the ring and the match officially begins. Which team wins is determined by pinfall or submission.

The ring in War Games is larger, more precisely composed of two rings and then encased in a steel cage, and this presented the Visual Concepts development team with a rather daunting task. After the WWE 2K20 disaster, the game was given the opportunity to completely overhaul the engine.

Donahue adds that the added effort makes certain elements such as the short distance between the two rings more readily incorporated than if the War Games had been simply merged from many other modes.

War Games was a lot of fun to play during our hands-on session, but the two rings were difficult to see even with just six participants at the same time. Chaos has also always been a part of WWE games' development.

The gameplay in general was milder than in the predecessor, and there is a new pinfall mini-game to play once you are sent onto the boards and covered. However, there have been no significant changes so far.

WWE2K23 was unfortunately presented as a complete game during its release on March 17, 2023. The Playstation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One versions also appear to have no issues in this regard.

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