Inculinati: An unblemished ink strategy

Inculinati: An unblemished ink strategy ...

Inkulinati was never intended to be a typical indie game with a lot of charm and a unique art style, but crisp strategy gameplay that caught our attention. We never expected that Inkulinati would be the first game from Polish developer Yaza Games. Nevertheless, both will certainly be familiar with the publisher, specifically the Hamburgers from Daedelic Entertainment.

Inkulinati (buy now21.24 €) is described by Yaza Games as an ink-based strategy game that might have been inspired by medieval manuscripts. It is already in the story or travel mode. This is where we'll create our tiny Inculinati, which will act as our playthrough avatar.

As drawn by our hand

Why does the tiny Inculinati exist? Because we, the players, take a first-person perspective of the game and sketch it ourselves, and the little Inculinati is only our avatar.

A more photorealistic hand appears off the screen whenever a new unit is summoned or a special action is performed.

Inkulinati is a lovely medieval font that gradually fills the map. A snazzy art style can transform a game. But what about the gameplay?

After the character creation we are immersed in the narrative mode on a map with several paths. There we decide where to go, and therefore which fight or bonus event we want to take with us. The descriptions of the battles show the difficulty of the paths, as well as the better rewards that come with them. The bonus events are things like shops, taverns, or rest areas, through which we regenerate and improve various values.

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