UFS 4.0 in the Galaxy S23: is it a new level of speed?

UFS 4.0 in the Galaxy S23: is it a new level of speed? ...

What is the significance of UFS 4.0, and why is it so important?

The term UFS has been used quite often on the pages of our website or other resources. It has nothing to do with NFC or UFC, but rather with the most current portable devices.

The Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) is working on UFS (Universal Flash Storage). The technology itself appeared two years earlier, although smartphones were mostly equipped with eMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card) storage.

The main advantage of UFS eMMC is the ability to write and read simultaneously. In addition, a new generation flash drive requires less power. eMMC retained its competitive advantage over UFS on very economical models.

Specifications for the widespread UFS 3.1 version were published in 2020. And the UFS 4.0 version was released by JEDEC in mid-August 2022. Samsung, Micron, and other microelectronics manufacturers immediately confirmed that their work with the new technology was successful.

UFS 4.0 has significant differences from previous generations: UFS 4.0 is rated for 4200MB/s read speed and 2800MB/s write speed. The initial version of the UFS 3.1 standard is capable of reading and writing at speeds up to 2100MB/s and 1200MB/s, respectively.

UFS 4.0 enables you to increase storage capacity up to 1 TB without increasing the chip's size.

Advanced RMPB is a piece of data that is used in both eMMC modules and previous generations of UFS. However, Advanced RMPB is different from previous solutions because it reduces the number of commands for accessing storage.

So, summarizing all of this, we can see that the new memory standard will enhance the user's experience while using a smartphone and help prolong battery life.

UFS 4.0 storage is included in all Galaxy S23 series, Xiaomi 13 series, and OnePlus 11, Vivo X90 Pro+, and iQOO 11 series phones.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, the author, is due to be published on 02.02.2023.

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