Old skins are being replaced easier in Overwatch 2

Old skins are being replaced easier in Overwatch 2 ...

Overwatch 2 has been making a lot of changes recently, including the release of new skins.

After concerns about Overwatch 1's price of skins, Blizzard is overhauling its in-game shop. In previous games, players had the option to earn these skins via loot boxes (or the amount they earned).

Fans have felt that their skins were cheated due to the sequel and the removal of loot boxes.

Credits for Overwatch have been added.

Blizzard has now introduced Overwatch credits. Players may earn these by battle pass progression. Additionally, they will no longer need legendary skins in the shop. They hope these changes will make their well-designed skills more accessible to players.

Blizzard gives a lot back to season two as well as revealing their plans for the next season. The Hero shop makes a few changes, but the most notable ones.

Overwatch Credits, which had previously been shown as Legacy Credits and were unobtainable in Overwatch 2, are now available to all players as free rewards, and another 500 credits as premium rewards throughout Season 3 Battle Pass.

Epic skins will always be available.

In addition, Overwatch has announced that nearly all of the epic and legendary-tier skins will be available in the shop. These may be purchased with Overwatch coins or credit. This means that certain events, such as the Winter event, do not have to be postponed.

Moreover, these skins will now be 1500 coins/credits rather than 2000. Players will be able to earn these skins without having to spend much money.

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