Familiados has launched a new app to help residents locate and manage external companions in their residences

Familiados has launched a new app to help residents locate and manage external companions in their r ...

Familiados continues to innovate and has just launched a new service. Familiados Sociosanitario is a Spanish startup that specializes on residential and commercial support.

Through it, centers can register their residents, find qualified staffing nearby, pay to the resident via SEPA, manage extra expenses, and have civil liability and accident insurance.

The Familiados team prepares all the profiles of the platform in a matter of minutes. Trust is assured on the way out.

Socio-health organizations may also look for employees to help with sick leave, contracts, and other matters. The familiarization allows them to discover professional profiles such as nurses, nursing assistants, or technicians who assist persons in dependent care, among others.

"When it comes to a resident to come out for a medical examination, a diagnostic test, or just to run an errand, the normal thing is that no one can leave their job and accompany them."

"In these situations, the residence must find an external companion, and it isn't always an easy task, for this reason we believe that Familiados Sociosanitario is a viable option that can assist in the regulation and professionalization of this problem."

The home care sector is flourishing, as well as the individuals who provide services related to it. In the specific case of Familiados, the Navarra startup reports that the published offers and hours of care have increased by almost half this year, putting the platform at a new high.

Familiados' growth is also evident in the number of care professionals who are offering their services on the platform, which has now reached 6,000 across the country (60 percent more than in 2021), each of whom is specialized exclusively in caring for children, 15 percent only in caring for the elderly, and the rest, 55 percent, are flexible: they can care for both children and the elderly.

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