What Struck Ark One? What Are Theories?

What Struck Ark One? What Are Theories? ...

'The Ark,' a science-fiction drama series based on Syfy's Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner, is the series' lead author. The actual cause of the accident or the reason for the crew waking up ahead of schedule isn't explicitly explained in the series premiere episode!

What Was the Crew's Reason for Awakening?

The first episode of 'The Ark,' titled 'Everyone Wanted to Be on This Ship,' begins with the Ark's crew wakening up from their cryo-sleep. However, the crew is awakened when the ship's system detects an unidentified breach.

The crew is forced to wake up from their slumber and take physical charge of the ship's operations. In the event of a catastrophe, the ship's protocols state that the crew must be alerted in the event of an Ark One-off collision. Moreover, the breach threatens the crew's life. Therefore, awakening from their cryo-sleep appears to be a failsafe to save the crew's life.

Ark One Was Struck by What?Theories

After an unidentified incident that sent the ship off the track, the crew of Ark One awakens. However, the cause of the breach isn't disclosed. In one scene, two characters discuss possible causes with each other. One of the two causes stated in the first episode is that the ship hit an asteroid on its way to Proxima B. The breach destroyed the ship's cryo bay and storage compartment.

The second most likely explanation is a fuel tank explosion. While it is certainly possible that a fuel tank explosion occurred, the ship's diagnostics do not indicate a loss of gasoline. Thus, we can rule out a fuel tank explosion for the time being.

We believe the breach was a manufactured mistake aimed at jeopardizing the ship's mission. That would also explain why a significant segment of Ark One was strategically destroyed during the breach, but not the entire ship. However, who or what is behind the breach remains to be seen in the show's promotional material.

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