Dominique Thorne and his pigs give back to children's healthcare of Atlanta

Dominique Thorne and his pigs give back to children's healthcare of Atlanta ...

Dominique Thorne has partnered with Puffs to support the Atlanta Children's Healthcare Foundation.

Puffs has returned for another year of their Puffs Power Pals program, and they are attempting to portray the superhero in ATL children who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Puffs tissues will donate $25,000 and 3,500 boxes of Puffs Ultra Soft to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Puffs approached her with the gift of giving, referring to the kids as "superheroes" in their own right.

"Puffs was one of the few offers that had come through the pipeline, through the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Power Pals Program. I went down there to meet some of those kids who are, themselves, fighting real-life things as superheroes, as best they can with as much power and strength as they can muster.

"And Puffs saw an opportunity to draw on the joy that might come from something like that. They saw an opportunity to continue to do what they've been doing, which is to provide comfort and soothing moments to these kids, who otherwise are in their own little trenches and thuggin' it out in their own way."

Each kid received a superhero illustration from the Puffs Power Pals program.

Thorne added, "These Puffs Power Pals" had their own comic book cover. "It's a pretty similar style to a lot of the Puffs cartoon imagery that we might see," she said. "And so it might be, The Mighty Anna," according to Thorne.

Janette Yauch, Puffs' vice president, spoke on the Power pals program's purpose, stating the need to give back to ATL's children.

"We're honored and humbled to shine a light on the children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta," said Janette Yauch, Vice President, and donates Puffs Tissues to help these kids stay alive as they are."

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