ExeKiller's first gameplay trailer

ExeKiller's first gameplay trailer ...

The game is a hybrid of dystopian sci-fi and retro-futuristic western.

ExeKiller is a first-person action adventure game set in a dystopian world in which humanity is coping with the consequences of a massive disaster that destroyed the Earth and transformed it into a scorched desert. The player plays Denzel Phoenix, an exekiller bounty hunter in the service of Helion, a well-known corporation headquartered in a massive structure overlooking New York City's ruins.

The gameplay footage for the game includes a lot of combat, as well as an extensive exploration of the location, as well as driving a car. At the same time, the trailer highlights Unreal Engine 5's various technologies, such as Lumen, Nanite, virtual shadow maps, and MetaSounds.

ExeKiller will be released in 2024 on PC and consoles. You may already add it to your wishlist on Steam.

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