Season 3 of Middle Vampires has been renewed

Season 3 of Middle Vampires has been renewed ...

The fantasy series "Vampires of the Middle Band," which has been renewed for a third season on online cinema START.

The plot of the project involves a family of vampires from Smolensk who are suspected of assassinating local residents by the keepers from the side of people. In the first season, the leader of the fanged Svyatoslav Vernydubovych (Yuri Stoyanov) and his "neighbors" must look for the killer.

The heroes of the sequel face fresh bloody instances, and at the site of one of the crimes they discover a little scared girl.

The third season of the second season began in mid-December 2022, and ended quite recently on January 31. While filming is expected to begin this summer, there are indications of a different narrative in an upcoming documentary on the creation of recent episodes.

Tatyana Dogileva, Artyom Tkachenko, Olga Medynich, Dmitry Chebotaryov, and Anastasia Stezhko serve as the main players in the project.

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