The Battlefield Mobile Development Project Has Been Dismantled

The Battlefield Mobile Development Project Has Been Dismantled ...

Battlefield Mobile is no longer available.

Electronic Arts has officially ended all development on Battlefield Mobile for Android and iOS. Unmitigated, the game's creator, Industrial Toys, has also been closed. EA prefers to concentrate on Battlefield 2042 and the new Battlefield. In November 2022, EA and Industrial Toys released their first beta for Battlefield mobile.

EA has opened the first beta stage in the Southeast Asia region as if wanting to dominate the mobile game market. Battlefield mobile will also be the first launch of the Battlefield series on mobile devices.

EA announced that Battlefield Mobile would be phased out, along with the Apex Legend Mobile server's closure. EA admits that they will correct their mistakes in Battlefield 2042 and develop a new Battlefield in the future. In fact, EA confirmed that the new Battlefield title development project is already underway at several studios.

EA's Efforts To Improve Battlefield

EA has a problem with releasing its mobile version of Battlefield 2042. The only way to correct this flaw is through a new, much superior Battlefield.

EA's dedication to moving Battlefield in a better direction deserves recognition. Their dedication to releasing Dead Space Remake in early 2023 may serve as another motivation for bringing Battlefield to life.

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