Netflix woke up and decided to go to war. And now?

Netflix woke up and decided to go to war. And now? ...

Netflix has decided to alter its strategy in order to 'hunt' the excessive sharing of accounts that exists within its ecosystem. This was an interesting move, but one that made some sense in some cases.

Someone should only be able to access a particular account, inside your home from now on. Outside the site, there will soon be security breaches. Go on vacation and want to watch Netflix? It will also cause problems.

This is one of the most significant steps in the history of the streaming platform, given that at this point in the season, it no longer holds its ground with an iron fist as it used to, and with the passing of several fantastic series fame (whether natural or via cancellation) things may even alter their paradigm in the near future.

The way surveillance works depends on where you live, but the fundamental principle remains the same. Netflix will begin to control, and well, the way we log into our account. As well?

From now on, within monitoring, the owner of the account will receive a verification code to allow access. If this access happens many times, outside the primary location, the Netflix system will notify the account owner that the profile will have to be separated and will have to pay a monthly 'add-on.'

To avoid the latter scenario, these devices must be connected to the main Wi-Fi network at least once every 31 days.

To keep an eye on what's going on, IP addresses and the identification of devices with access will be monitored, as will account activity.

Netflix provides a 7-day exception code for those who are away from their main residence. Alternately, it is also possible to change the main location via account management.

In the world of pirates, Netflix was the platform that caused the most damage. Why? Because it was straightforward, it had a lot of quality content, it was accessible, and it did not cause any problems to users.

Is it no longer simpler? Quality content? Less and less true. Accessible? Man! Headaches? They are on the way!

Netflix is going to be a disaster, and for the time being.

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