Prepare for your return to Hogwarts!

Prepare for your return to Hogwarts! ...

Hogwarts Legacy: Make sure you're back in Hogwarts!

Published on 02/02/2023 at 12:10

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Hogwarts Legacy, the year's magical release, allows anything to happen. We'll teach you some essential things while you wait for February 10!

A unique narrative

Hogwarts Legacy goes in a completely different direction than other saga games; the wizard is now aged. To be more precise, the game is set in the 1890s; Dumbledore is now a toddler; however, everything is not all rosy: the goblins are in full vendetta in the wizarding world and they are very keen on ancient magic.

You are a wizard.

Choices matter in Hogwarts Legacy, whether it be for good or for bad. NPCs will therefore be likely to ignore your desire, you have been warned. Besides, it is recommended to take several runs to create your character. Your wand and your house will be available to you if you own one.

Your new home, Hogwarts.

Have you always wanted to see Hogwarts in every corner? In Hogwarts Legacy, the art direction pays homage to the school of sorcery. The Forbidden Forest or Meals will also be available. Finally, it will be possible to admire the Scottish coasts while flying.

Aber not too much study.

Your generation will be entitled to its share of adventures if Harry Potter and his friends have come close to death more than once during their time at Hogwarts... It's better to pass exams than to save the world! Classes will be required in Hogwarts Legacy in order to master new spells and meet a few people.

Hours of wonder

Although this part may annoy several people, Hogwarts Legacy will not include Quidditch, bavboules, or wizard-style chess. These considerations were too large for the studio to incorporate, so the game had to make some sacrifices. It is the same for the multiplayer mode, which was not considered by the developers.

Cats will be possible as a bonus!

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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