Where can I find Lisa during the Genshin Impact Second Bloom event?

Where can I find Lisa during the Genshin Impact Second Bloom event? ...

The Traveler met up with Ordo Favonius Librarian Lisa Minci, who was participating in Genshin Impact, which opened the new Second Blossom Battle Event to players, on a quest for her "long and carefree vacation."

Lisa will offer the main character to meet after the tests and spend time together in the Puspa cafe, although there are no specific directions in the game. The librarian only hints that Lisa may be found in the city of Sumeru or in the vicinity of Gandharva.

Lisa's Locations at the Second Bloom Event

The librarian could be found at the same table where the friends parted after the first day of the event after passing the tests in the dungeon.

Lisa may be found at the Lambada cafe on the second floor of the building on the second day of training.

On the third day of the event, the Purple Witch will visit a local souvenir shop. In a conversation, the girl will describe her desire to purchase beautiful dishes for decor as well as many saucers as a present for Genie.

As we go through the Second Blossom event, we'll update this post with other Lisa locations.

By the way, if you open Nahida's E-box on Lisa, you'll hear her unique remark about the Traveler himself. The librarian will note how much the main character has grown since their last meeting and think about the future.

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