The Sims 5 is getting some new information

The Sims 5 is getting some new information ...

The Sims 5 has been quiet for years. Now a new developer video has been released that at least offers some new information. Probably the most exciting is the promise that Project Rene will offer online features.

The Sims are a phenomenon. The series, which started in 2000, basically allows you to do nothing more than live a virtual existence. Perhaps it's because you may now be able to take risks that you would never otherwise undertake in real life. Last year, a new spin-off was officially announced.

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The Sims 5 will have online capabilities, although it will be an MMO.

Grant Rodiek, the game's director, has expressed his gratitude for the functionality: "We understand that players desire that personal and intimate experience where they can express themselves in a single player. However, you may also do really cool things with others, such as Sharing and creating things with his friends."

Rodiek continues to state that a small portion of the features is currently being tested, such as infants or apartment adaptations. Anyone who is already eagerly waiting for the release date will be disappointed. Because it will take several years until the release.

The developer video for The Sims 5 reveals online capabilities and more.

The Sims 5 is currently being developed under the working title "Project Rene." In this video, the creators discuss the new features of the life simulation. It also discusses online capabilities.

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