Nothing in Ear (2) will be available online, but changes will be made inside

Nothing in Ear (2) will be available online, but changes will be made inside ...

Nothing Ear (1) was the first product launched by a young British company headed by Carl Pei. Bluetooth headsets launched on the market with a transparent headband design, quickly becoming a household name.

A successor is anticipated in the near future, as evidenced by information leaks. The Nothing Ear (2) should be the next model to be launched by the brand.

Nothing Ear's alleged design (2). Credit: OnLeaks/SmartPrix

Steve Hemmerstoffer, a well-known leaker, and the SmartPrix page have shared several photos with the alleged design of the Nothing Ear (2). The aesthetic differences to the first model may be minor.

The youthful brand's transparent charging case design is maintained. The headphones seem to maintain the stem's transparency, while the part that rests on the ear remains white.

Nothing Ear (1) and Nothing Ear (2) are two different things. Credit: OnLeaks/SmartPrix

Nothing Ear (2)'s specifications will contain some exciting information.

According to this source, notable developments will be discovered in the interior. As indicated, the earbuds will have custom active noise cancellation (ANC).

Users will be able to select the level of noise cancellation that is most suitable for their use. Another feature to be included is the multipoint Bluetooth, which will allow you to connect two devices at the same time.

Remember that Nothing Ear (1) came to market via wireless charging. This feature is expected to continue in the future model.

The price of the future model is still unknown.

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