Mafia and Destiny 2 are all in February 2023 on PlayStation Plus Essentials

Mafia and Destiny 2 are all in February 2023 on PlayStation Plus Essentials ...

Sony hasn't sat on its laurels and has prepared a more substantial line-up than usual in February. These are the PlayStation Plus games that will satisfy both solo enthusiasts (with Mafia Definitive Edition and OlliOlli World) and multiplayer enthusiasts (with Evil Dead: The Game and the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2).

Evil Dead: The Game is a 4vs1 asynchronous multiplayer game inspired by the Evil Dead film series, "The House," and "Ash vs. Evil Dead," hosted by a fifth user.

Evil Dead The Game is a game in which you must impersonate a survivor of your choice among the well-known characters in the series (including Ash Williams, Kelly Maxwell, and Enrico il Rosso) in order to keep the game from expanding into new worlds; on the other hand, you must step into the shoes of a Kandarian Demon, who seeks to devour the survivors.

A permanent upgrading system for all characters guarantees a sense of progression. For example, the survivors, available in the Leader, Warrior, Hunter, and Support classes, may boost their weapons' damage, while the Demon may unlock a portal for an Elite-type army.

OlliOlli World has catapulted the Roll7 saga into the third dimension, despite its subdued and pixelated aesthetics from the first two episodes.

The new 3D graphics, which have been brought to the screen with a charming cartoon style that in some ways resembles Adventure Time, serve as both the player's eyes and, above all, the level design of Radlandia, a magical and eccentric land created in the image and likeness of the conflicting United States of America.

The constant pursuit for stylistic perfection is the driving force of the film, capable of assisting any level of player with a regular and satisfying progression system and a less steep learning curve than in the past. In the OlliOlli World review we explain why you should not miss it.

With Beyond Light, a massive expansion originally launched in 2020, Sony and Bungie give all PlayStation Plus subscribers the opportunity to experience a key piece of the Destiny 2 story in the first month of The Eclipse, which is expected to be available on digital shelves on February 28.

Beyond Light's main story campaign revolves around Eramis, the fallen god who invaded Jupiter's satellite, and the game's first additional power, which will be joined by Telascura with The Eclipse, which will allow you to slow and immobilize opponents, while the "Revenant" Hunter concentrates stasis shards to form two kamas.

There are also new weapons and equipment, a new raid (Crypt of Pietrafonda) and many secondary quests. Gather your friends and prepare to get warm up in anticipation of the new Destiny 2 expansion.

In the midst of the prohibition era, February's selection of free games for PlayStation Plus comes to an end. Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remake of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, the iconic game that launched the 2K Games criminal saga in 2002.

Tommy Angelo, a cab driver in Chicago's 1930s, is drawn into the deadly underworld. Despite his reservations towards the Salieri family, the protagonist lets himself be drawn by power and wealth, beginning an inexorable climb up the family's ranks.

Mafia Definitive Edition recreates a classic game with respect and loyalty: the city of Lost Heaven, bursting with architecture, cars, and inter-war history, has been masterfully rebuilt as a backdrop to a story and gameplay dynamics that are identical to the original but expanded in many of their components.

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