In 2023, the smartphone revolution starts right away!

In 2023, the smartphone revolution starts right away! ...

Such is the economic reality, and of course, the degree of stagnation in the market. On the other side of the barricade, manufacturers don't want to reduce profit margins.

In the midst of all of this, what happens? Products continue to rise in price, and consumers therefore buy less. This was the reason for long time that we believed that Samsung would maintain a higher level of competitiveness, both against its Android competitors and, of course, against Apple, which recently raised its iPhone price significantly.

Samsung made the most of the drop in 128GB versions to raise prices, with the S23 Ultra costing €1449, while the S23+ cost €1249. Incredibly high prices in all regions, especially in Portugal. What will happen next?

The success of the pre-sales campaign is a first indicator of Samsung's main competitors in the Android market in terms of price. In the end, despite the appearance of many good manufacturers in the Google ecosystem, Samsung remains the dominant leader in this market. But... things can change. Especially after this'move.'

If Samsung fails to sell in the first serious Android release, it is very probable that the other Android manufacturers will choose a different route.

Samsung has chosen the same route as Apple, because it is on the same level. However, the Android ecosystem differs enormously from the iOS ecosystem, and as such, what works on one side may never work on the other.

I believe that if Samsung is having trouble selling, let's see Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc... Like hyenas! Attempting to steal market share from the South Korean giant.

Do you agree with me? Or is the approach the same for everyone?

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