Recap and Conclusion of Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9

Recap and Conclusion of Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9 ...

'Criminal Minds: Evolution' is considered to be the 16th season of the CBS series, despite some minor cast members remaining. This episode, titled 'Memento Mori,' is the penultimate episode of the season.

Tyler Green, who died as Alison, discovers that the FBI may have located the notorious serial murderer and seeks vengeance. Here's what you may want to know about the final episode of 'Criminal Minds: Evolution.'

Recap of Episode 9 of Criminal Mind: Evolution

Rossi arrives at the Voit household, and Sydney opens the door. He correctly guessed that a wife would recognize her husband. And she does. Elias responds quickly to Sydney's plea, telling her that Rossi is a dangerous man. He promises her that he will clarify everything when he gets home.

Rossi informs the rest of the team about his suspicions after he returns to the Seattle field office. Sydney recognized the photo, and one of Elias' victims resembles her.

This is a fairly lengthy episode with a runtime of over 56 minutes. The extended narrative of this episode assists in the season's conclusion. One scene takes place during Rossi's late wife's funeral, Krystall, while another depicts the first meeting between Tara and Rebecca. The last scene takes Luke (Adam Rodriguez) and Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) on a date.

Garcia suggests that they contact Tyler, who saw the serial killer when he visited Alison's house and regained access to those memories after a hypnotism session. However, Tyler does not identify Elias from a photo lineup because he wants personal revenge on the guy.

Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is in hot water with the AG, who has rebuttals to his demands. Convinced by Rebecca, she gives the BAU team 48 hours to lookup evidence proving that Elias is Sicarius.

Prentiss orders Rossi to press Sydney, claiming she is the most prolific serial killer he has ever encountered in his career. Unfortunately, Elias has already convinced his wife that he is on the run because of a financial scam orchestrated by the company he worked for and that individuals in the government are involved in it. This prompts the Attorney General to sentence Prentiss to bench Rossi.

Why Does Elias Abduct Rossi in Criminal Mind: Evolution Episode 9?

Rossi park his car outside Elias' house, realizing that he would most likely lose his job once he returns to Washington, D.C. He invites Rossi inside, and despite his better judgment, the older agent accepts.

Elias manages to overpower Rossi and transports him to an underground location where he grew from Lee Duval to Elias Voit, boarding Rossi there and communicating with the BAU team, showing live footage of Rossi's captivity, and requesting that he be let go if the BAU wants Rossi to be reinstated.

Tyler, is he still alive?

In 'Criminal Minds: Evolution,' Tyler isn't dead. A flashback scene occurs in the episode, underscoring why he lied during the photo lineup. A file is sent to Rossi with one of the voicemails that Garcia left him. It serves as a tracker and helps Rossi locate where Rossi is.

Tyler manages to follow Rossi unnoticed. Despite Rossi's warnings, Elias shoots him and departs with Rossi. Sometime after, Garcia and the rest of the BAU team arrive in Seattle, where they send Garcia and JJ (AJ Cook) to help Tyler.

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