Where is the Abuser now, according to Leon Jacob?

Where is the Abuser now, according to Leon Jacob? ...

Meghan Verikas knew she had found the ideal partner when she met Dr. Leon Jacob for the first time. Meghan ignored these worries and stalking until she decided to break up, and even portrays how Leon was caught after planning to end his ex's life for good.

Leon Jacob, Who Is He?

Leon Jacob was a well-known doctor who worked in several well-known Houston hospitals and specialized in organ transplants before the whole incident. Apparently, Leon used to get a lot of rage from time to time.

Meghan was surprised to learn of her then-boyfriend's occasional violent behavior but decided to ignore it and believe it would fade. Adding it made Leon even more angry, and all she wanted was for both of them to remain happy. In January 2017, Meghan decided to end the relationship.

Leon was unable to accept that his requests would not hold Meghan back, and he began to retaliate against her. Megan found Leon hiding inside a bush in an attempt to defy him.

Meghan was initially quite polite in telling Leon not to stalk her, but he refused to intervene, and the general manager received threatening emails and letters. On top of that, because she and Leon shared the lease, he put Meghan back in the mess she wanted to leave.

Leon decided to seek out a different solution since he was hesitant to pay the advance to his ex. Besides, at that time, he had gotten into a relationship with veterinary doctor Valerie McDaniel, who was also eager to get rid of her ex.

Michael was determined not to let the plot go unnoticed and soon informed authorities. The original person Leon had approached for the murder was traced and they conducted an undercover operation with him. After that, authorities convinced the couple that their exes were murdered before arresting them for murder solicitation.

What Has Happened to Leon Jacob?

Valerie McDaniel was convicted of two counts of soliciting capital murder and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison in 2018. However, the jury was permitted to view the conversations where the Houston-based doctor asked the undercover detective to murder Meghan in the worst way possible.

Leon Jacob is serving time in Texas' unincorporated A.M. Stringfellow Unit since January 2047.

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