Meghan Verikas: What Has Happened to the Abuse Survivor?

Meghan Verikas: What Has Happened to the Abuse Survivor? ...

'Dateline: Twisted in Texas' chronicles the circumstances surrounding Meghan's relationship and how Leon conspired to end her life once and for all.

Meghan Verikas: Who Is She?

Meghan initially moved to Houston, Texas, because she was unsurprised by the bustle of big cities and took some time to settle in. However, she soon fell in love with famous doctor Leon Jacob. He initially seemed quite polite, but he later admitted that he was quite protective of Meghan.

Meghan and Leon's relationship seemed to be going at a snail's pace as the pair soon established a joint bank account in the couple's name. Besides, they co-signed a lease before moving into an apartment together. Yet, Leon did not show signs of his violent streak until Meghan noticed.

Leon appeared to lose his temper if things did not go their way, which naturally engrained some distance between the couple. Yet, Meghan desired a better future with her then-boyfriend, and decided to ignore such signs in January 2017 to continue living her life. He soon realized that beggaring and pleading would not be enough to keep Meghan from marrying.

Leon began harassing Meghan on the road and landing at her house, as well as making it difficult for her to break out of the deal they had signed together, and created issues when asked to share money in their joint account. Meghan preferred to keep her personal difficulties hidden from the workplace, and when polite requests failed to work, she was forced to seek restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

Leon began sending threatening letters before plotting to put Meghan's life in jeopardy for the end. Leon was previously married to Valerie McDaniel, who wanted her ex-husband to leave. However, the man they approached soon disappeared with the advance payment, and Leon asked bail bondsman Michael Kubosh to track him down.

Michael refused to participate in the spooky plot until he revealed everything to the cops. He even helped officers track down the guy Leon initially approached, and the cops soon decided to launch an undercover operation. Valerie also requested that her ex-husband be killed.

The cops staged a phony kidnapping and took snaps of Meghan in a restrained position to make Leon believe she was dead. On the other hand, they informed Valerie that her husband had died in a tragic death, and soon the cops disclosed the incident.

Meghan Verikas: Where Has She Been?

Meghan strengthened her will to face her abuser and testify against him during his trial. After Leon was convicted in 2018, she gave a powerful victim's testimony. Meghan has preferred privacy since then.

Meghan was reported to be living in Houston, Texas, and was also known to be the general manager of the Holiday Inn Houston Downtown. Although sources claim that she still works as Meghan Feeney, there are indications that she may have returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as of writing.

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