Amanda Bell: Where is the Survivor of Kidnapping Today?

Amanda Bell: Where is the Survivor of Kidnapping Today? ...

Dennis Jones was surprised when he discovered that his wife, Cheryl, and their daughter, Amanda Bell, were missing from their New Orleans, Louisiana, house. However, shortly after, Dennis heard a knock on his door before an unknown cab driver delivered Amanda into his arms. 'Death in the Deep South: Baby Snatchers' chronicles the terrifying event and reveals how Cheryl was exposed to a dangerous kidnapping plot.

Amanda Bell, who is she?

Amanda Bell was born Amanda Rae Jones on Christmas Day, 1979, and her mother, Cheryl, declared her to be the best present she could ever receive. Cheryl, a stay-at-home mother, was just as eager to take on her mother's responsibilities.

Jackie, who spelled herself as Sally, promised that Amanda would receive a prize if Cheryl agreed to participate. She even permitted Jackie to take a few photographs in order to honor her achievement.

Chery's future was in jeopardy from the moment she was given a sedative before arriving at the Galleria Plaza Hotel in Houston, Texas, about 350 miles away. While Cheryl soon passed away from the poisoned drinks, the couple slashed her wrists to conceal her death. Amanda was sold to another woman.

Surprisingly, the person who ended up marrying Amanda suddenly had a change of heart and requested a taxi to return the baby to Dennis in New Orleans. Naturally, Dennis was surprised to receive Amanda from a total stranger, and the following day law enforcement officials called him to inform him of his wife's death.

After Jackie's ex-accomplices reported the deadly baby-snatching plot to the police, Harold Schut was brought to justice. Like Cheryl, Geneva was a mother of two, and Harold confessed to the murders of Harold and Cheryl in January of 1980.

What Has Happened to Amanda Bell?

Amanda remained steadfast in her father's death and tried her best to keep a smile on her face. Besides, she has made it her life's goal to fight Jackie Schut's parole petitions in order to keep her mother's killer in jail.

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