Season 1 of Taiwan Crime Stories Review an interesting anthology series with obvious flaws

Season 1 of Taiwan Crime Stories Review an interesting anthology series with obvious flaws ...

Taiwan Crime Stories Season 1 of Hulu is reviewed, but there are no spoilers.

Taiwan Crime Stories, a streaming show on Hulu, is a real-life crime story inspired by Formosa or the Beautiful Isle. Each episode lasts fifty minutes to over an hour, and the plots vary widely, from complicated to unencumbered.

Season 1 of Taiwan Crime Stories Review and Plot Summary

The first, "Derailment," follows a lone passenger on a derailed train; the second, "A Matter of Life and Death", is a story about a reporter who is investigating an assassin. Why? Because he claims he did not kill all local families.

The first episode of 'Gravity of Sin' examines the teacher/student relationship. The only witness left is a disgruntled student. Finally, 'Dark Currents' examines ethical dilemmas as an innocent Taiwanese soldier is tortured until he is condemned for a crime they may not have committed.

One of my main complaints about Taiwan Crime Stories, which came about after decades of watching episodic television, is how the plot tends to gloss over permanent points. Even script tools or cliches to move the stories along that would have been helpful. Too often, the intrigue begins with a character coming up with a theory out of thin air, the type that is without evidence or plausible plot point. (Which is evident in the very first episode). However, the writers excel at leaving viewers hanging with plot twists at the end

Is Season 1 of Taiwan Crime Stories the right fit?

If the produced storyline were a one-long story over twelve episodes, the stories would be much more interesting.

The overall quality of the Taiwan Crime Stories outweighs some of their apparent flaws.

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