Lapis Is a Fire Emblem Engage Character Who Is Worth the Investment

Lapis Is a Fire Emblem Engage Character Who Is Worth the Investment ...

Lapis is one of the first people you'll see once you leave Firene. She fights alongside Alcryst, one of Brodia's princes, as his retainer. She's also a practical, precise young woman who excels at swords. However, she may require a bit of investment to really get going.

Lapis is a great character to have around your other forces to slay enemies and then enjoy her as she assaults them and their attacks miss her. This is partly due to the unique skill Share Spoils, which allows her to receive +10 Avo/Hit in exchange. I'd also encourage pairing her up with Marth.

Lapis's dexterity stats aren't as high as, say, Kagetsu or Zelkov, so you're just hoping she evolves into someone who doesn't get hurt. Both her high dexterity and speed support that.

The other fatal flaw in Fire Emblem Engage is that it has a large cast with a lot of other people capable of striking swords. Which is fantastic for her! However, Kagetsu is also a great athlete, as he can be better at it. Perhaps establishing her as a General, Griffin Knight, or Paladin might help make her more unique and more defined in your army.

Or, you may want to go with a bow since Lyn might be able to counteract the enemy with her quick-fire attacks. Also, you can continue to pick up the Sword Agility abilities by sacrificing points in your critical stat.

This would also mean you would have Lapis around more frequently. She's a sweet and thoughtful lady who loves to listen to her alpha male pals about scents, bears, crafting, and other survivalist things. She's just a lot of fun!

So yes, Lapis may not be one of Fire Emblem Engage's finest characters, but she may nonetheless be beneficial. Especially if you're looking to enhance your skills and experiment with classes.

The Nintendo Switch has now got Fire Emblem Engage.

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