Railway Empire 2: New features and platforms have been confirmed

Railway Empire 2: New features and platforms have been confirmed ...

Railway Empire 2 was announced last year at gamescom, but there are still new developments. A significant feature has now been confirmed, as well as new versions for other platforms.

For railway management enthusiasts, Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds, the in-house development studio, have two major announcements. With the cooperative multiplayer mode, the sequel gets a significant new feature.

You may gamble with up to four friends in the co-op multiplayer, according to the publisher. In the game, you may then construct a railway empire together according to your ideas.

After all, the game takes you back to the 1830s, when North American and European railway industries laid the foundations for the modern railway. With an improved construction mode, real-time terraforming, and extensive area maps, you can expand your own railroad network.

The single-player mode is of course still planned, with a total of five campaigns and 14 individual scenarios, as well as the customizable free play and model building modes.

Railway Empire 2 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and can no longer be relegated to PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch.

Announcement Trailer for Railway Empire 2

Railway Empire 2 is for everyone who loves to travel by train. The long-awaited sequel to Railway Empire is being developed by Gaming Minds Studios (G├╝tersloh) and will be available at the release station in 2023.

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