PS5: New Beta with Discord voice chat, 1440p VRR, and More

PS5: New Beta with Discord voice chat, 1440p VRR, and More ...

The PS5 has received a new system update, which includes many new features. Discord voice chat is included as well. However, updating the DualSense controller should also be easier with it.

Sony has announced a new PS5 system update that includes enhanced PS5 features. Also included is the long-awaited Discord voice chat.

The final PS5 system update is still unknown. First, the software will be put to the test in which participants from the United States, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, and France may participate. You will receive further information via email.

On the PS5, Discord voice chat is available.

Participating players will be able to connect their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts via the PS5 using the Discord app on their mobile or computer while waiting for the beta firmware.

Sony advises that players who have already linked their PlayStation Network and Discord accounts to see which game they are currently playing will need to reconnect their PlayStation 5 accounts in order to utilize the new Discord voice chat features.

The PS5's new system update includes additional social capabilities. These include:

New tile "Friends who play": Players may add individual screenshots or clips to the PS App for easy sharing on social media or with friends.

1440p VRR and other innovations are now available.

For a long time, the PS5's resolution has been capable of handling 1440p. This new enhancement is intended to enable gamers to have a smoother display when playing a game that supports VRR.

Improvements to the game library. Games can now be sorted or filtered when adding them to the game list, according to Sony.

Favorite presets for multiplayer sessions may be added. This may be used for supported games to control who may join multiplayer sessions and invite other players.

Migrate saved data from PS4 to PS5 is aimed at making gaming easier. There are two choices for this:

Players will receive a notification when a PS4 game is downloaded or installed on the PS5 (unless save data for that game already exists on the PS5). After that, players must follow the instructions. If a PS5 game supports this feature, the same notification will be displayed.

Data transfers from PS5 to another PS5 can be easily transferred to another PS5 console via a local WiFi network or a LAN cable.

"The data may be transferred either during the initial setup of the PS5 console or later via the settings menu."

After the PS5 update, additional information on how to navigate the console will be provided. For example, when viewing websites, there is now a border around the section currently being read.

The PS5's new software can be upgraded via a wireless connection. "Connect your controller to your PS5 with the USB cable to update the device software."

More information on the PS5 is available here.

The PS5 was launched at the end of 2020 and has been shipped 32.1 million times so far. More information about the latest annual report can be found in this message.

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