PS5: a beta update is now available, including Discord chat, VRR in 1440p, as well as other updates

PS5: a beta update is now available, including Discord chat, VRR in 1440p, as well as other updates ...

Sony has announced the availability of a PS5 upgrade for those who participated in the PS5 beta testing, which includes several new features, including Discord voice chat hold, 1440p VRR, and many new functions on the interface.

This release is currently only for beta participants from the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, who will receive confirmation of their participation via email. Italy is therefore excluded from this test phase, for the time being.

After this initial test phase, there will be various tweaks to the user interface that will be available to all users at a later time, therefore it's just a matter of waiting for the final and public PS5 update.

These are the major enhancements that this beta update brings to the social sector:

Once connected, you may participate in a voice chat on Discord servers directly from the console interface. This new "Join Game" icon allows you to join the game more easily when you are on the page Manually upload game recordings to the PlayStation App, with the possibility to precisely select them and share them via the PS App.

The following are not intended as technical options in terms of gameplay and personalization of the experience:

Support for variable refresh rate even when using 1440p video output resolution on HDMI 2.1 compatible displays, which previously was limited by other resolutions

Other options have been included to make PS5 use easier for consumers in general, particularly when it comes to accessibility.

Moving saves from PS4 to PS5 is now much easier, considering that this is an ongoing task that is always quite cumbersome. Improvements to the on-screen text Enhancements to the DualSense controller's new interface

Final note: there are voice commands for gameplay recording: with the command "Hey PlayStation," followed by other indications, you can record and save clips, set the duration, and more, currently only in English.

We saw today that the PS5 console has sold 32 million units worldwide, while PlayStation Plus has decreased subscribers, but increased revenues.

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