The Batman: the sequel is coming to cinemas, but be patient!

The Batman: the sequel is coming to cinemas, but be patient! ...

News culture The sequel to Batman is coming to cinemas, but you will have to be patient!

Published on 02/02/2023 at 10:11

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The Batman was mentioned recently, but we don't know the cinema release date.


Matt Reeves' Dark Knight hasn't finished watching GothamThe Batman 2, so here's the date!

The Dark Knight of Matt Reeves hasn't finished watching Gotham City.

The Dark Knight of Gotham City made a stunning comeback in dark rooms eleven months ago, thanks to Robert Pattinson's efforts. Today, Bruce Wayne takes care of his filmography. To decelerate his foes once and for all, he endorses the superhero costume and delivered a performance that was more praised than ever, in a completely different version of Nolan's movies.

The film was praised by Rotten Tomatoes with a recommendation of 87%. Faced with this dilemma, DC Comics was unable to live without this unpublished version of the Gotham vigilante, and, a little less than three months after its release in world cinemas, the sequel has indeed been made official.

The Batman 2 is coming slowly but surely: here's the date!

James Gunn's recent Twitter post shook the superhero world. Within six minutes, the new DCU chief, ready to compete with the MCU, spoke about the projects he and Safran want to take on: in the middle of January, we learned that Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, was fully involved in the development of this second part. We had hoped to see Pattinson's Batman develop along with other comic book adaptations.

Yes, there is certainly room to develop the young Batou we saw last year at the cinema. However, James Gunn believes Pattinson will wear his black outfit for the second time for an unprecedented adventure planned for... October 3, 2025. For Batman, justice doesn't wait, unlike us.

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