Season 2 Episode 14 of To Your Eternity Recap and Ending are explained

Season 2 Episode 14 of To Your Eternity Recap and Ending are explained ...

'To Your Eternity' or 'Fumetsu no Anata e' season 2 titled 'Morning of Rebirth,' Princess Alma meets Fushi to ask for his assistance in rebuilding the castle. Meanwhile, Fushi completes the renovation work in the wake of the Nokker attack. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Season 2 Episode 14 of To Your Eternity

Fushi enters Renril's marketplaces unafraid of everything. He now expects to protect the people, who regard him as a hero and not just as an adversary. He is taken to the castle itself to introduce him to his father, but he is strangely absent.

Fushi notices that someone is in serious pain near him and immediately apologizes to Princess Alma and goes to assist the person in need. A few meters away in another section of the castle, Fushi notices an old man. He advises him not to call a doctor because his body is in predicament due to old age.

Fushi accepts his permission to rebuild the whole castle and soon manages to do it successfully. Pocoa also travels to Renril with some soldiers from the Uralis Kingdom and explores the city. She looks for a boyfriend and assists in the redevelopment work albeit briefly. Pocoa and Kahaku find out that Nokkers communicate primarily through emotions.

The duo believes that pain and suffering are harmful, while recognizing that the body is one of its sources. Elsewhere, Bon tricks Fushi into losing consciousness by utilizing chemicals that were once used to put Church of Bennett to sleep. Soon Fushi's friends join the group and Bon talks directly with Kansatsusha about Nokkers.

Kansatsusha accepts that he may take his place in the coming battle, but he refuses to do so because he believes that it will assist Fushi in his spiritual growth. Just as he is explaining other things, Messer stabs him from behind, leading Kansatsusha to vanish.

How Do Fushi and his allies Prepare for the Nokker Attack in To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 14?

After Kansatsusha's escapes, the preparation for the Nokkers' battle is finally underway. Weapons are pre-fired so that the Nokkers may be struck as soon as they are seen approaching Renril's city. Rations are also prepared so that the troops may fight as long as possible.

Fushi is concerned about Bon, Messer, Kai, and Hairo's well-being, therefore, they decide to stay with Fushi throughout the battle. With the Nokker strike just one day away, Fushi proposes the creation of a distress signal, so that he may assist those who are in danger.

When in danger, Bon suggests that they can knock on the floor more than once to call Fushi. Everyone agrees with the simple idea, and Fushi requests that the soldiers be informed as well. Meanwhile, Ecko sits on the highest point in the castle, probably waiting for the first hint of the Nokkers' arrival.

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