In the Dead Space remake, an illegible text log was decoded

In the Dead Space remake, an illegible text log was decoded ...

If you've been following the Dead Space remake's New Game Plus mode, you may have noticed a few extra text logs in your inventory. While one of these magazines is labeled "illegible," players were able to translate the encrypted text to reveal a familiar easter egg for fans of this iconic horror game series.

As soon as you start New Game Plus, you'll get additional text logs that give you additional clues about the future of the game and some creepy extra lore tidbits to investigate. But the most intriguing text log is probably the unlegible text log written in a bizarre alphabet of letters.

Despite the fact that the text log claims to be impossible to decipher, eagle-eyed Dead Space enthusiasts will most likely notice that the markers it's written in are actually marker characters – an alphabet that's used in all games but which is often encountered by humans. affected by an alien relic under the influence of hallucinations.

GingyYoutube, a Reddit user for Dead Space, has shared the translation:

They walk in white.

Red leaves us unharmed.

The living are ordered by them.

They take on the roles of shepherds of the dead.

Finger touch –

We are still frozen.

They are the answer.

They will.

Beyond the stars, here's how to get to know you.

Brothers are awaiting.

Please, Oracles, assist us in our journey.

From the fate of mankind, here's what we know so far.

The poem's vague nature leaves it open to interpretation. "They command the living" and "They shepherd the dead" may be interpreted broadly as Markers and Necromorphs that influence living beings' behaviors and then take over their bodies after death.

The second stanza implies Tau Volantis, a planet on which the ancient race apparently froze themselves in an attempt to prevent the spread of infection and prevent the Brotherhood of the Moon from becoming one, but the moon, as implied by the third stanza, is "beyond the stars where she awaits to be rediscovered."

It's certainly a fun game, both as a translation exercise and as a cryptic message, and it's a lot of fun to think about. As players continue to dig into its deeper, darker corners, let's hope Dead Space Remake retains more of these secrets.

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