People want to save money from a burning house!

People want to save money from a burning house! ...

A house is on fire, about to be destroyed, and you have the opportunity to save only one thing. What comes to your mind immediately? I don't know if your choice conflicts with what the most recent study by the company Secure Data Recovery has shown. However, it might be a surprise for some.

People prefer to save money than burn a house!

We'll not be revealing much more suspense, but rather telling you the first thing that people save immediately. However, be aware of the other components of the list. There are just some very interesting conclusions and discoveries.

According to 38 percent of respondents, they would save their smartphone, the majority. Already 28 percent said they would only save the computer if they were in a fire. Together, 66% are more concerned about preserving digital assets in the middle of a fire than other things like photographs.

Despite the fact that sentimental items finished in third place with 18% of the count, this study came to an interesting conclusion. Only 2% of jewelry would be saved, and 1% an air piece.

Many of these initial conclusions are impressive, although they aren't surprising. It's just that for many people, their lives are stored on a smartphone or in the cloud.

Despite their fears about losing their digital property, 44% said they would give up sex for a year in order to avoid losing their digital assets.

Other valuable digital assets include things they've written (44%), creative work (38%), media (36%), professional work (31%), mail (28%), texts (26%), voice messages (21%), school work (21%), and video games (19%).

91% of those who responded to the survey believe digital images are valuable. 62% believe it would be difficult to lose digital images of their children, and 53% think it would be painful to lose digital images of loved ones who have died.

80% of respondents felt that losing digital photographs of their pets would be distressing, while 18% felt that losing digital wedding photos would be problematic.

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