Too much detergent is only bad for a washing machine!

Too much detergent is only bad for a washing machine! ...

There are several misconceptions about the washing machine that are in most cases incorrect. In fact, these are not just lies; they are often preconceived notions. Issues related to detergent are very common in this industry.

Too much detergent is only bad for a washing machine!

Many people think that it is preferable to use less detergent when things are extremely dirty. This is in order to make everything cleaner and fragrant. However, the truth is that excess detergent can appear to be the ideal solution.

If you use more soap than recommended, your clothes may have some detergent residue. Some viruses may be retained in these remains. It may also result in many unpleasant surprises in the garment.

The majority of people save energy by washing their clothes at low temperatures, which is correct. The problem is, contrary to popular belief, detergent does not eliminate dirt and germs.

Experts claim that without a disinfection system, not all bacteria will die. Germs can multiply and colonize the washing machine.

To avoid this, it is always a good idea to include a disinfectant solution in the detergent.

Not all garments can be washed at extreme temperatures because they will be damaged. However, there is some truth to this, as some bacteria can survive and spread to other areas of the washing machine. However, adding a disinfectant solution to the detergent or using a special detergent will kill germs and bacteria, no matter how cold it is.

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