Learn how to prevent unknown/hidden numbers from being discovered!

Learn how to prevent unknown/hidden numbers from being discovered! ...

Surely you've already received calls from unidentified persons, which ended up being marketing calls to join services you're not using, scams, or, worse, MISTAKES!

Well, if you want, you may block all calls from unidentified numbers or ID numbers. It is a basic feature of your smartphone, be it Android or iOS. Let's take a look at how the device works.

Deshalb, as you may know, getting calls from unknown or protected numbers is irritating, sometimes too irritating, and irritating. There are individuals who simply prefer to block everything. (There is also a way to discover who is behind the hidden numbers, but here's how!

Go to iPhone settings and select 'Phone.' Look for unknown numbers and activate it. (This feature also blocks 'No Caller ID' numbers, i.e. calls with a hidden number.)

The Phone feature, which is usually available on the home screen, is clicked on the three dots in the upper right corner. Select the option to disable the number blocking feature, which may be additional features. In the case of Samsung, there is a feature to prevent calls from getting to the number Scam Attempts.)

To prevent all and everyone from receiving calls from unknown numbers, it is very simple to block these types of numbers from your cell phone.

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