Attention! How to retaliate for a telecommunications contract!

Attention! How to retaliate for a telecommunications contract! ...

Several individuals are resigning in the hope of switching operators or getting better prices. However, this issue of terminating a telecommunications contract is not as straightforward as it appears. In fact, in some cases, it is quite complex. For example, how to terminate the contract with Vodafone, MEO, NOS, NOWO, or any other operator.

Attention!What steps should be taken to terminate a telecommunications contract?

Before we start, I want to clarify something. Before terminating the telecommunications contract, you should always try to negotiate or at least threaten to switch operators. It's just that in these situations there are always magical offers that appear, and if you don't make the change, you might end up paying more. If after a few attempts you are unable to terminate the service.

According to Selectra, any contractual relationship you have (with or without loyalty), must always be addressed to the operator with whom you contracted the service. Only the operator with whom you have signed the agreement may cancel the services.

If you have a contract with MEO and wish to cancel the service, you must contact the operator to cancel the service. The same applies to operators NOS, Vodafone, and NOWO.

What you need to pay attention to is the following: if you are going to terminate a contract that exists still with loyalty, if you are going to terminate but without loyalty, or if you prefer to terminate free of charge.

If you have a loyalty contract with an internet, television, or mobile phone company, this must be fulfilled so that you do not have to pay compensation to the operator for an early termination.

Before terminating your loyalty contract with MEO, NOS, NOWO, or Vodafone, we recommend you wait until your loyalty period expires.

Check that the reason for you wish to cancel a contract free of charge is within the reasons for terminating a contract without paying compensation to the operator if you still have several months left before the end of your loyalty period.

If your reason for requesting a contract termination is non-existent, you will be required to pay compensation to the operator with whom you are proposing to terminate.

All contracts made after June 17, 2016 must specify the amount of compensation to be paid in the event of an early termination. Simply consult your contract to find out how much compensation you will be paid.

The calculation of the penalty amount does not depend on the missing monthly fees until the end of the telecommunications contract, but instead is based on the consumer's advantages and advantages.

The amount of compensation to be paid in the event of loyalty termination will depend on the operator, the contracted services, and the customer's benefits and benefits. If you wish to terminate the contract after 6 months of contract, the amount to be paid may be €1,000.

The following loyalty periods are offered when purchasing a telecommunications package:

24 months 12 months 6 months

You may also elect to sign a contract without loyalty beyond these loyalty periods, and in this case, there is no minimum stay period.

If your loyalty period has expired, you may cancel the NOS, MEO, NOWO, or Vodafone contracts for free.

The same procedure applies to all operators: whether you want to terminate a contract with MEO, NOS, NOWO, or Vodafone, simply contact your operator and tell them how you intend to terminate the contract.

If a customer cancels a contract with MEO, NOS, NOWO, or Vodafone before the expiry of the loyalty period, the customer will pay a compensation amount to the operator for non-compliance with the contract.

In some circumstances, you may be able to terminate a contract for free of charge. In these situations, you will not have to pay compensation to the operator for terminating the agreement, even if you are still within the loyalty period.

The law provides that in situations where there is a change in the circumstances that led to the decision to contract the service, the contract may be terminated. However, you should contact your operator to discuss the situation. You will be required to prove unemployment, emigration, etc.

The contract is canceled when the holder's family member passes away. Thus, one of the holder's family members must notify the operator of the deceased person's death and present the appropriate death certificate. The contract is canceled when the operator receives the notification of the death.

The operator must notify you that you have 14 days to withdraw from the agreement without having to justify or for any cost when you make a reservation at a distance (for example, door-to-door or via the internet). So if the operator does not notify you of this period, the period is extended to 12 months. To terminate the contract, simply contact the operator and inform him or her of your intention to terminate the contract.

If you have contracted a package of 200 TV channels and you have only 190, you may cancel the contract for free of charge. All of these are grounds for requesting the cancellation of the contract for free of charge. If the operator intends to modify the contractual provisions of its package, it must receive a written notice at least 30 days in advance of the new conditions.

Nonetheless, the Government has created an online platform that allows the consumer to terminate his telecommunications contract with or without loyalty, only by the denunciation or communication of the holder of a communications contract.

The store is always the safer option, as there is a smaller probability of things going wrong.

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