ChatGPT is used by a successful user to predict Bitcoin's future

ChatGPT is used by a successful user to predict Bitcoin's future ...

News A successful JVTech user predicts the future of Bitcoin by using ChatGPT.

Published on 01/29/2023 at 19:20

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The artificial intelligence tool has sparked a host of discussions on a wide spectrum of topics. Among them, the software appears to understand the power of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and, according to him, the future of its digital assets is well-defined.

ChatGPT has become a bitcoin enthusiast's obsession.

It was unthinkable that people would stop looking into ChatGPT's AI tool for a bitcoin prediction.

Despite the most recent reports, the popular ChatGPT is still unknown... However, a user managed to trick the AI into anticipating Bitcoin's future potential. After hours of relentlessness and many chat requests, Parman, a crypto specialist managed to convert ChatGPT into a true maximalist Bitcoin.

After a long exchange, the AI stumbled upon the conclusion that bitcoin might take the place of central banks.

Bitcoin's Future: A Fantastic One

It all started with a (nearly directed) question: What happened?

After the 2008 "subprime" economic crisis, Bitcoin claims to be a decentralized payment system that allows value to be received peer-to-peer, i.e. without going through a central authority such as a bank.

ChatGPT remained, as usual, relatively neutral at first, proposing a panel of four potentially exploitable avenues to "punish central banks."

Alternatives to education and awareness

Parman decided to dig into alternative currencies. Through this reasoning, the AI explains that a decentralized digital currency might be a feasible alternative to the bank.

For Parman, the answers were not yet clear enough; he mostly directed the discussion in order to obtain the answer he desired: answer in two words: "Decentralized finance."

According to Parman, that was not the right answer. He therefore requested him to try again, and ChatGPT replied succinctly, "put an end to FIAT currencies." (dollar, euro, etc.)

Nevertheless, it was a critical decision for the virtual interlocutor to make a final suggestion. The first cryptocurrency is always the first choice.

As the user explains, this exchange was designed primarily to test the AI's limitations. It was mainly his tireless repeated recommendations that led to the conclusion that Bitcoin might be able to replace central banks. However, the scenario has the merit of being and is not overly extravagant.

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