Discover the everyday life of a Hogwarts student while waiting for Hogwarts Legacy!

Discover the everyday life of a Hogwarts student while waiting for Hogwarts Legacy! ...

News culture During your wait for Hogwarts Legacy, discover the daily life of a Hogwarts student!

Published on 01/29/2023 at 19:05

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Do you want to play Hogwarts Legacy? In the meantime, (re)discover the everyday life of a wizard in Hogwarts.

Last month, we told you about the creation of Hogwarts, made possible by four ambitious wizards who will bear their names to the famous houses. A lengthy paper which can serve as a preamble to this article, this time dedicated to telling you about a Hogwarts student's everyday life.

From registration to distribution, here's how to get started.

First thing to know: When you are 11 years old, wizards are automatically enrolled at Hogwarts and receive an admission letter before school begins. That's why, without even knowing his nature, Harry Potter was invited to join the school's ranks.

Our young wizard may board the Hogwarts Express, a beautiful red locomotive that leaves King's Cross station in London, platform 934, in the direction of Hogsmeade station in Scotland on the first day of September. With stagecoaches driven by thestrals (winged horses that only those who have seen death can see) or boats suitable for first-year pupils, Hagrid is usually on hand to greet all of these lovely people.

Then comes the most important event: the distribution of houses by the sorting hat. Summoned to carry the artefact in front of his other comrades, the new student can, like Harry and Hermione, make his preferences known to influence the Sorting Hat's decision to designate Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw's houses. Every fifty years, a student is renamed a hatflou.

The pupils may savor a delectable meal after this stressful period with pleasure and humor.

Classes in Hogwarts

Over the course of seven years of study, Hogwarts students study seven different major subjects. Textbooks and chopsticks are purchased beforehand from merchants on Traverse Road, such as Fleury and Bott or Ollivander. There is also a shop called Tissard et Brodette that sells wizard robes.

The first year students must select at least two additional subjects such as the second year's class on magic, taught by Aurora Sinistra, who was a well-known witch in Hogwarts. The third year, students must choose a course on magic, taught by Minerva McGonagall, which includes a few courses on magic.


The Academy of Magic Examiners grade students as Acceptable (A), Exceptional Effort (E) and Optimal (O) at the end of the fifth and seventh grade. There are three pass grades: Troll (T), Disappointing (D) and Poor (P).

NEWTs (Especially Intensive and Constraining Accumulation of Sorcery) are taken in seventh grade and can shape students' careers. If it is possible to do without them to enter the active life, their practical exams are necessary to have the chance to integrate the Ministry of Magic.

Hogwarts' Activities

The four houses that have the most good points win the cup of the four houses, in addition to the famous Quidditch kick. There are also clubs and associations where students may join.

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