Two ZX Spectrum games worth trying!

Two ZX Spectrum games worth trying! ...

The ZX Spectrum's saga continues. Games are still being made and there is a large community that refuses to give up this fantastic gadget. Here are two more ZX Spectrum games worth checking out!

Two ZX Spectrum games worth a look at!

Gabriele Amore's game is a work in his style. But this one, unlike other ones he has been working on, seems to be completed. Remember that Gabriele did not always present the complete games, or at least without bugs, and that sometimes penalized his work. However, it appears to be on the right track.

The loading screen is also superb. We do not know if Gabriele himself created it, but we would be surprised if it were, as his works, even when incomplete, demonstrate a very refined graphic quality.

The game is a pure arcade game, in which we play Robo-Doug 9000, who must retrieve at least one of the precious boxes lost in the nine mines, corresponding to each of the game's levels. We must push the boxes to the lower opening of the green tube, but be careful, because we may lose all of them.

We have the ability to dig tunnels as well as eliminate monsters and all radioactive canisters in a very unique way (try it...). The task is not easy due to the time limit.

Come here and download the game; it's another great Christmas game. Perhaps what we've loved the most about Gabriele Amore is her ability to move freely around the house.

Do you remember Caveted Against the Darkness, a game developed in 1991 by Fernando Pereira and Jorge Chagas, that remained unknown for over 30 years? A few months ago, Fernando contacted us and gave us all his tapes, so that we could recover his games. Caveted was one of those who became a member of our group.

It was also the game that was most cherished by the locals, at least by English, because they loved the game a lot, so much that they even wrote us a request: a new Caveted version, faster, that might be included in Woot! 2022.

Fernando immediately accepted our request, by accident, with ideas for speeding up the game. After the community recommended him by recommending him the best compiler, namely Filipe Veiga, he found the appropriate tools and presented the 2022 version of Caveted.

The differences between this and the 1991 version are significant. The most obvious one is the speed, which has now made the challenge much more playable without having to increase the computer's processing speed.

After the speed increased, it was possible to see more enemies on the screens. On the one hand, it improved the gameplay, but on the other hand, it simplified the task.

Fernando has an inherent gift for drawing, which is evident in his games.

Is this the greatest? It's completely free, so you'll just have to go here and get the latest Woot!

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