Do Lockwood and Lucy co-exist in Lockwood and Co?

Do Lockwood and Lucy co-exist in Lockwood and Co? ...

This article reviews whether Lockwood and Lucy get together in Lockwood and Co, as well as spoilers for the first season.

Lockwood & Co., Netflix's smash-hit supernatural teen drama, is primarily about a three-way relationship, including the titular agency that consists of the handsome but mysterious Anthony Lockwood, the extremely gifted Lucy Carlyle, and the somewhat naive George Karim. Yet, in pretty typical fashion, viewers are focusing primarily on two of these characters and their potential relationship going forward.

Lockwood and Lucy are said to be romantically.

What are the similarities between Lockwood and Lucy?

Lucy Carlyle meets Anthony Lockwood when she travels to London and applies for a job at his nameake agency. She is escaping a shady Fittes Agency recruitment that resulted in the deaths of her entire crew, Norrie's death as a result of the mismanagement of Jacobs, her cowardly superior.

Anthony and Lucy (and George!) become embroiled in interconnected mysteries including the death of a former Hollywood starlet by a jealous lover and the search for a magical bone glass mirror throughout the season. During that time, they begin to understand each other better. The former begins to develop a sense of selflessness and eventually begins to comprehend the trauma that has shaped his current identity.

Lockwood and Lucy have a common interest in Lockwood and Co.

Lucy and Lockwood have a lot of chemistry. They're able to better understand themselves when they meet, and it's clear by the end of the season that they have some sort of feelings for one another.

Despite the fact that these are still kids, they also have to live up to their dreams. Lockwood & Co. is open to revealing how the trauma of this existence is difficult for the kids to deal with, and that processing their own thoughts is a task they must undertake in their own time.

Lucy and Lockwood are both quite advanced in many respects, but they are also crucially immature in others, and it's difficult for both to comprehend what they're both capable of.

Lockwood becomes more interested when Quill Kipps invites Lucy out for coffee and admits this to her later. He also volunteers to reveal more of himself to Lucy and George by showing them what is hidden behind the mysterious locked door in his house. It will be a major component of his learning to open up.

Lucy and Lockwood don't end up together. But that doesn't mean they won't end up together someday, especially given that Netflix is pretty much certain to approve a second season.

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