Annie Werschings Husband's 5 Things About Her After Her 45 Death

Annie Werschings Husband's 5 Things About Her After Her 45 Death ...

Annie Wersching passed away of cancer on Saturday morning. Find out more about her husband, Stephen Full, here.

  • Stephen Full was the husband of actress Annie Wersching.
  • They have been married since 2009.
  • He announced her death at the age of 45 in a statement on Jan. 29.

Annie Wersching's death from cancer at the age of 45 was confirmed and confirmed on January 29. Stephen Full, 53, wrote in his letter about his late wife. She taught us not to wait for adventure to find you.

"She would yell BYE!" until we were out of earshot and into the world," he said. "I can still hear it ringing."

Below, you can learn more about Stephen and his friendship with Annie.

Stephen is an actor and comedian.

Stephen was born in Chicago, IL, and has played various roles on television and in films. One of his roles was Benny on the 2009 television program Castle, and he also played Stan the Dog in the Disney Channel's 2012 series, Dog with a Blog.

What happened to him and Annie?

Annie and Stephen met on the set of a project together, although it's unclear how they got to know each other. It's possible they met on the set of a project together because they both worked in the entertainment industry.

What happened when Stephen and Annie wed?

Stephen and Annie wed in 2009, and their ceremony was said to have taken place at their Los Angeles, CA home.

What children are Stephen and Annie's?

Freddie, 12, Ozzie, 9, and Archie, 4 were welcomed by Stephen during their marriage. On special occasions, the proud parents would often share sweet photos of their brood, such as the one above.

Stephen appears to be a bit private.

Annie's Instagram page mostly included photos of herself and several co-stars.

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